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Director Biography

Award winning actor and film director Alex Milani was a former international model for many independent modeling agencies. He had an interesting look as a hitman, and many people on the street would approach him saying that he had a very unique mafia/mobster type hitman look. Milani’s modeling career began at the age of 6.

He entered numerous contests in his hometown, and than traveled across Europe and modeled overseas as well. After that he modeled for some independent modeling agencies, wearing anything from new designer jeans to dress shirts and ties. Milani also modeled for some men’s cologne stores between 2001-2009 in Europe and America.

In 2010 Milani entered an international small film script contest in Los Angeles, and won 2 awards for best written film script for the film called Legend Of A Hitman, however film was always his passion, as he always wanted to become an actor and a director in his own first motion picture mafia film. After winning the International Film Script award he was convinced that he had a solid film idea that would be a blockbuster hit one day, and he started to look for composers from all over the world.

Alex Milani’s main focus was to find a composers that had unique cinematic music sound. He received numerous responses in regards to his film, and was really impressed by a musician name Karl Lenton. Milani also participated in many small theatrical roles in his spare time to see if he was able to act playing different characters in front of audiences, and deliver the best performance to the viewers who came.

In addition to finding his first composer Karl Lenton he also found two other composers by the names of Jonas Hörnqvist and Magnus Hörnqvist they were also very talented individuals, composers for scoring the scenes, and trailers soundtracks for the film. Milani also hired Sonic Bros to compose tracks for the film in addition to Karl Lenton. Today Milani continues working on his film, and still receives funding from all parts of the world from investors, fans, and fund raising companies online to complete his motion picture film.