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Legend OF A Hitman budget is $57,000
Legend Of A Hitman, is in Post Production.
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Legend OF A Hitman, script is already developed, and can be read by signing exclusive agreements with Hitman Entertainment Studios.
Alex Milani's vision for this prodctuion is completely different set a side from Hollywood. Mr Milani's aim is not to replicate, imitate, or duplicate that has been doe already numerous of times. But rather to create original content, which will leave audiences around the globe completely ntrigues with his cinematography, filming techniques, music, and what make him different than your avergae Hollywood Director.
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Production Budget.pdf

Directing a motion picture is a complicated process; it takes an extensive exercise, and knowledge that requires careful planning which is used every day that is more often than not unforeseen by unexperienced directors. Most of the times, there is little explanation for why the set task is so difficult for the studios to complete the production successfully!

However, the studio sets the task difficulties for Director, and his crew is to make sure that both parties understand what the motion picture and the script is about, so that it is successfully digested to make both the Director, and his crew meet all the requirements prior to filming. Now, having said that, this is in order to make, and complete the entire film successfully, that the audience will enjoy while watching the movie in a theater.

The Director has many tasks that required of him and assigned to him every day, not just knowledge, expertise that he already possess in his skills, but also understanding the fundamentals of cinematography, by becoming a successful cinematographer on the big screen. Many people claim they can be taught directing, or can become a great actor by going to school. That may be the case, but it has to come from innate natural talent and no exceptions can be made. Unfortunately, you have to understand that nobody is going to pay for something that is completely uninteresting to watch, or just waste the studio’s valuable money and time.

I guess to put it in a simple way, if you cannot act, or direct, and people tell you that this is not for you, please take the advice and understand this is for your own good. This actually helps you avoid embarrassment, and at the same time more than usually will set you on the right path to your career. My honest opinion is, as a Director, only continue to make a motion picture if your audience, or random people you might know actually enjoyed reading your script, and learning more about your production.

As you can see, our work here on this project has been very carefully and meticulously put into place in order for you to get as much information as needed about our film. We can assure you that our commitment to completing this film will exceed all of your expectations!