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Film Funding Information

How Can I Help Fund This Film?

Are you interested in funding this film? If so the process is very simple. You can get credited as a film investor or a funder if you help to fund this feature. You are probably asking yourself how much can I fund? Or what is the least I can contribute to this film? We appreciate any and all donations and recognize that this movie is funded by our fans, viewers and the visitors around the world who visit this website on a daily bases.

What If I Cannot Contribute?

If you are not able to fund this feature with money, you can also donate equipment to Hitman Entertainment Studios. This will also help us out if we need any additional equipment to finish this feature properly, and professionally. We greatly appreciate your support, and we welcome whatever you are able to donate to the studios.

What Can I Donate To The Studios?

You can donate to the studios almost anything production related. Hitman Entertainment Studios can use donations of items such as camera equipment, professional studio editing computers, sound recording software, software editing and so much more.

How Can I Get In Touch With The Studios?

If you are ready to become a funder, or donate something to the studios for the use of our film than you can get in touch with the studios by filling out our online investor, or donation application forms online. Be sure to include all the information that is required so we can get in touch with you promptly and start the process.

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