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Website Completed


Legend Of A Hitman website is now completed be sure to navigate and get the latest up to date news!.

Official Website.

Campaign Trailer


Legend Of A Hitman official trailer & campaign Promo be sure to watch it and stay tuned for the uncut trailer!

Official Trailer & Info.

Film Events Info


We launched our film events info online page so that you can get the latest, updates on events, casting calls, and everything that has been going on with the production for this film.

Film Events | Information.

Casting Closed


We casted all the actors for the trailer, and campaign promo.

Trailer Shoot Casting


Hitman Entertainment Studios is now casting for an upcoming US & International trailer on 11/17/2014. If you are interested in being in this trailer you will need to fill out our online casting application.

Movie Trailer | Online Casting Application

Film Events


Hitman Entertainments Studios, will be having film info events, as we move forward to casting the right cast for the main feature. If you are interested please fill out our online events application. This will enable you to attend a film event seminar, and be considered for the film.

Film Events | Application.



Hitman Entertainment Studios starts a KicksStarter campaign to raise additional funds to complete the feature film. The crowd funding explains, and shows what the film is about, and what still needs to be raised in order for the film to be finished completely.

Legend Of A Hitman Campaign | Preview Progress.



Jonas & Magnus Hörnqvist are hired to finish the last music production for the main feature. Sonic Bros Music Productions Studios has signed a contract with an agreement to compose 15 brand new tracks for the movie. Hitman Entertainment Studios will pay Sonic Bros $5,000 for the completion of brand new tracks.

Investor Funds Film


Investor from Phoenix, Arizona funds Legend Of a Hitman for $5,000. Mrs Trujillo & Mr. Milani met at a film festival event and founded Legend Of A Hitman the movie to be very intriguing, and to be a suspenseful and intensive action film. Mrs Trujillo award investor presented a check for $5,000 to Hitman Entertainment Studios.

Privacy Policy


New privacy policy is place on the site, and legalized for Legend Of A Hitman The movie. The Policy explains to the users, or visitor how everything is collected and the protocols of using this site.

A Legend Is Made | Us Version Trailer Track.

Terms Of Use


Revised & new terms of use have now been updated for the entire site you can read them at the following link

Terms Of Use .

Copy Rights Notice


Revised and updated Copyrights Acts for the entire site and the film has now been completed, and legalized by experienced attorneys. This copyrights acts explains what is forbidden and what is not allowed to be downloaded, and prohibits the stealing of information to use it for your own production.

Copy Rights Notice| Legend Of A Hitman.

Careers Application


Hitman Entertainment Studios, is now accepting applications to work on the main feature. We are looking for producers, digital cinematographers, makeup artist, etc.

Careers| Online Application.

Casting Auditions


Casting Audition | Application.

HES Movie | Logo Stings


Legend Of A Hitman | Trailer Creation AE


Hitman Entertainment Studios, hires SONIC BROS | MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIOS.


Jonas & Magnus Hörnqvist found Legend Of A Hitman the movie online and found it to be a very successful and suspenseful action film. Sonic Bros Studios got in touch with Hitman Entertainment Studios and inquired about how they could write music for Legend Of A Hitman. Sonic Bros offered to write 10 tracks at no cost, as they find it to be a very strong film script for the film Legend Of A Hitman.

A Legend Is Made | Us Version Trailer Track.

Story Board Artist


Shawn Taylor, comes aboard as a story board artist to work for the feature film. Mr Taylor worked on many games & movies, and now is currently sketching new storyboards for the main feature for this film.

Story Board | Artist Bio.

Legend OF A Hitman | Promo Posters


We now have completed our 12 countries promotional theatrical releases promo posters. You can view the following posters by clicking on the link below.

Legend Of A Hitman | Us & International Theatrical Trailer Posters.



In 6/14/2013 Dream Note Music Studios, contacted Hitman Entertainment Studios, to compose the US version music trailer for the feature film Legend Of A Hitman. The track becomes a very epic dark cinematic trailer track. Karl Lenton a British musician who has won many awards for his music, found the movie Legend OF A Hitman to be a tremendous future successful film. Mr Lenton finished the trailer track called A Legend Is Made. The final track and mastering was finished on 6/21/2013.

The Legend | Us Version Trailer Track.

Film Script


Film Script now completed.

Film Script In Progress


Legend Of Hitman film script now in progress in writing.